Our Practice

Sheena Valerie & Partners provides legal services in the following areas:

  • Civil litigation including commercial, contractual and construction disputes and banking litigation;
  • Alternate Dispute Resolution involving construction disputes, arbitration, adjudication and mediation;
  • Corporate litigation including winding up and injunctions to restrain winding-up proceedings;
  • Land law litigation including land acquisition matters;
  • Administrative law litigation including judicial review from decisions of Homebuyers’ Tribunal and Consumer Claims Tribunal;
  • Tortious actions covering loss of soil to soil support, negligence, nuisance, trespass, defamation;
  • Contentious and non-contentious estate matters including drafting of wills and probate and administration of estate matters;
  • Selected types of criminal matters, in particular offences under the Land Public Transport Act 2010 and Street Drainage and Building Act 1974;
  • Drafting of Agreements, in particular Building Contracts;
  • Family matters including divorce and annulment proceedings, judicial separation and adoption matters;
  • Debt collection claims.

Our partners, Sheena and Valerie, currently handle advisory work and contentious litigation for a wide range of companies, organisations and individuals including housing developers, building construction companies, construction sub-contractors and hotels.